Lyra Garcellano, Gaston Damag, and Catalina Africa at Silverlens

Lyra Garcellano with Jeff Carnay for Taxonomy

Three generations of contemporary artists make up the Silverlens Galleries’ offerings for the month:  a celebrated Filipino artist in his 50s who now lives in France, a painter in her late 30s from the seminal group Surrounded By Water returning to performance art, and a young artist barely two years out of university experimenting with abstraction. Continue reading

Catching Up On Manila’s Art Scene: Troy Ignacio at The Drawing Room, Ley Hunting at Silverlens, An Auction at Finale, Spanish Artists at DAGC, and Erwin Leano and Wataru Sakuma at Art Informal

Wataru Sakuma, "Roxas Blvd" at Map, Art Informal

Doing the rounds of galleries gave way to other projects these past few weeks, but this weekend proved a good time to catch up on Manila’s offerings: Continue reading

Geraldine Javier, Chati Coronel, and Jay Yao at Silverlens

Geraldine Javier, "Red Fights Back", detail

As always, you get a satisfying variety at Silverlens.  This time, their three simultaneous exhibits take us to Red Riding Hood’s lair, bring us some corners of the sky, and show some skinskin. Continue reading

ArtHK 2012 Diary: Day 2, Pinoy Power

Jose John Santos III, "Clockwise", detail

While briefing  the press right before officially opening the doors to ArtHK 12, Magnus Renfrew, fair director, announced that beginning next year, Art Basel officially takes over the Hong Kong art fair. Henceforth, it shall be known as Art Basel Hong Kong, the third fair in the franchise after the original Art Basel (the one that actually takes place in Basel) and Art Basel Miami Beach. Continue reading

Rachel Rillo’s Frozen Actualities

Rachel Rillo, "A Year's Luck"

We made it a point to come in early for Carlos Celdran’s fantastic Livin’ La Vida Imelda at SLab.  With every performance sold out, we wanted to make sure to secure our seats.  A move we did not regret as we had prime spots from which we spent the next two and a half hours doubled up in laughter. Continue reading

Nikki Luna, Zean Cabangis, Jojo Serrano, and Jet Pascua Open 2012 for the Silverlens Group

Nikki Luna, "Leaf Cuttings 1", detail

And so we begin again.

A young man in his 20s who has just come to his own joins forces with a staunch advocate of women’s rights, a painter resurrects from oblivion, while an expatriate Filipino reflects on his home country’s history.  The silverlens ladies started their year—and ours too— by setting the bar high.  If this trio of shows serves as harbingers for what we have in store for 2012’s art scene, we’re in for some pretty good stuff. Continue reading

A Photography Collection at silverlens

Neil Oshima, "Gummy Worms", 2009

I’ve had the good fortune to view pieces from Isa Lorenzo and Rachel Rillo’s private art collection before, an invitation I wouldn’t have passed up.  The chance of savoring Rachel’s cooking served as an equally strong lure as the superb art they laid out for our enjoyment. I think that it’s great that they’ve mounted selected works at silverlens, the gallery they own and manage.  A Photography Collection allows their clients and supporters to share in their affinity for an art form that they both practice so well. Continue reading

MaARTe and Art Flood

I don’t usually post events like these, but when the proceeds go to a worthy cause,  I feel I should help spread the word.

Now on its third year, MaARTe has been envisioned by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines as a bazaar to showcase one-of-a-kind artisanal items that celebrate Filipino craftsmanship.  It opened yesterday, October 21, and will run until Sunday, October 23 at SLab.  MAARTE complements Art Flood, the Silverlens group’s annual charity art sale.  This year, Art Flood’s beneficiary is the Sagip Buhay Foundation. Continue reading

Patty Eustaquio Travels To Cloud Country, Tatong Recheta Torres Gets Fuzzy, while Isa Lorenzo Shows Wonderful Photograms

Tatong Recheta Torres, "Fandom Vulgaris", detail

Three confident artists make for three fearless exhibits.  These three don’t shy away from taking their art to new directions.  Whether or not their explorations work, the attempts in themselves make their shows worth visiting. Continue reading

Patty Eustaquio, Nona Garcia, Geraldine Javier, and Yasmin Sison Take A Turn As Photographers

Geraldine Javier, "Overkill"

In 1893, when Paul Delaroche first encountered the then new-fangled art of photography, he famously declared painting’s demise.  The death of painting has since triggered numerous debates in the annals of art history. While developments in contemporary art have made this a non-issue, viewers of Strip 2011 Painters As Photographers may find themselves in agreement with M. Delaroche.  For this exhibit, Patricia Eustaquio, Nona Garcia, Geraldine Javier, and Yasmin Sison, four artists known primarily for their paintings, essay into photography. Their works

Nona Garcia, "Whiteout Series"

prove that, should they choose to, they can very well leave painting behind. Continue reading