Plet Bolipata’s imagiNATION

Waiting to move to BGC: Plet Bolipata's metal doodled animal pairs and mosaic benches reflected in a puddle after a night of rain at Casa San Miguel, Zambales. Photo by Elmer Borlongan

Almost exactly a year ago, Plet Bolipata first laid eyes on the parcel of land set aside for the BGC Offsite Gallery, at the heart of bustling Global City in Taguig.  It had been drizzling then, and she had just come from a meeting in Makati with her husband, Elmer Borlongan.  She had by then exhibited a series of mosaic sculptures, so an invitation from the Bonifacio Arts Foundation Inc. (BAFI) to put in a proposal for more ambitious work, suited for the outdoors, seemed like a natural progression. Continue reading

Sea Yarns from Elmer Borlongan and Plet Bolipata

Plet Bolipata, "Le Taxi" and Elmer Borlongan, "Story of the Constellations" (at back)

Crochet is certainly having its moment.  Last week, I saw pictures of Agata Olek’s work in Barcelona.  She wrapped one of Fernando Botero’s hefty animal sculptures, a monolithic tubby tabby, in camouflaged-patterned crochet. She did the same thing to Wall Street’s iconic bull a few years ago. Street artists have transformed the old fashioned craft into another medium for graffiti. Dubbed yarnbombers, they use knitted lace to leave their mark on public structures, and these prove just as potent as cans of spray paint. Continue reading