Wonder Women at West Gallery: Nona Garcia, Geraldine Javier, Elaine Navas, and Yasmin Sison

Nona Garcia, "Before The Sea"

Should we ever compile a Philippine version of Art Review’s annual Power List, these ladies will surely make the cut.  Nona Garcia, Geraldine Javier, and Yasmin Sison first burst into the Southeast Asian art scene via their show Silent Declarations at Valentine Willie Fine Art in KL nine years ago.  They helped pave the way for Filipino emerging artists to seep into the consciousness of audiences outside Manila’s cocoon.  A few years later came the auctions, and with a little help from Sotheby’s and Christies, the three ladies firmly established their reputations as art superstars.  Together with Elaine Navas, a Singapore-based Filipina painter (who the three have all professed boundless admiration for) they headline West Gallery’s offerings for this month: Continue reading

Geraldine Javier, Chati Coronel, and Jay Yao at Silverlens

Geraldine Javier, "Red Fights Back", detail

As always, you get a satisfying variety at Silverlens.  This time, their three simultaneous exhibits take us to Red Riding Hood’s lair, bring us some corners of the sky, and show some skinskin. Continue reading

Incredible Pleasure from Juan Alcazaren, Eugene Jarque, Geraldine Javier, Mike Munoz, Mac Valdezco, and Ryan Villamael

Mac Valdezco, "Orange 524.558", detail

I know how obsessive Geraldine Javier gets about quality and workmanship.  So it hardly comes as a surprise to see whom she invited to join her for her first go at curating an exhibit.  Juan Alcazaren, Mac Valdezco, Eugene Jarque, Mike Munoz, and Ryan Villamael all share her reputation for fastidiousness, for fabricating pieces with careful attention to detail. Continue reading

ArtHK 2012 Diary: Day 2, Pinoy Power

Jose John Santos III, "Clockwise", detail

While briefing  the press right before officially opening the doors to ArtHK 12, Magnus Renfrew, fair director, announced that beginning next year, Art Basel officially takes over the Hong Kong art fair. Henceforth, it shall be known as Art Basel Hong Kong, the third fair in the franchise after the original Art Basel (the one that actually takes place in Basel) and Art Basel Miami Beach. Continue reading

Kim Atienza’s Magnificent Cabinet of Curiosities

Elmer Borlongan, "Laklak", 1994

Kim Atienza inadvertently set me on the road to art addiction.  In 2003, one of the pieces from his collection, Alfredo Esquillo Jr.’s Mamakinley, held me in thrall at the Whitney Museum.  The quest to learn more about an artist I hadn’t heard of till then lured me into the world of contemporary Philippine art. I’ve been fixated ever since. Continue reading

Patty Eustaquio, Nona Garcia, Geraldine Javier, and Yasmin Sison Take A Turn As Photographers

Geraldine Javier, "Overkill"

In 1893, when Paul Delaroche first encountered the then new-fangled art of photography, he famously declared painting’s demise.  The death of painting has since triggered numerous debates in the annals of art history. While developments in contemporary art have made this a non-issue, viewers of Strip 2011 Painters As Photographers may find themselves in agreement with M. Delaroche.  For this exhibit, Patricia Eustaquio, Nona Garcia, Geraldine Javier, and Yasmin Sison, four artists known primarily for their paintings, essay into photography. Their works

Nona Garcia, "Whiteout Series"

prove that, should they choose to, they can very well leave painting behind. Continue reading

Geraldine Javier’s Wild Things

Geraldine Javier, "The Vein", detail

Nothing ever appears haphazard in a Geraldine Javier exhibit.  Every element is carefully considered for cohesiveness, nary a detail out of place.  Always Wild, Still Wild, now on view at Finale Art File, demonstrates this yet again. Continue reading

My Favorite Shows of 2009

It turns out, I chose one per quarter.  These are personal favorites, exhibits in commercial spaces I found unforgettable. I don’t  expect universal approval.  Feel free to disagree.   Here goes (in chronological order): Continue reading

Geraldine Javier Gets Bugged

Geraldine Javier, "Temple of My Familiar"

Geraldine Javier, "Temple of My Familiar"

These days, Geraldine Javier gets off on creepy crawlies.  Nope, she doesn’t harbor the hots for some congressman. Not with that kind of a low life. We’re talking literally. You know, praying mantis longer than the average guy’s hand span.  Giant beetles that turn

Geraldine Javier, "Wallflowers"

Geraldine Javier, "Wallflowers"

a luminous shade of chartreuse depending on which angle you look at it.  We’re talking dragonflies and damselflies with exoskeletons that give off a dull metallic glint when hit by the late afternoon sun.  These days, as Ghe transforms into a hermit, spending months cocooned in her studio, she keeps company with dozens of insects, frozen, lacquered, and preserved to her exact specifications. Continue reading