Rodel Tapaya’s Portraits of Dieties, Functional Art from Broke, and Froilan Calayag’s Critters

Rodel Tapaya, "Melu", acrylic on canvas and glass mirror, 49.5x 39.5 inches

When Rodel Tapaya first burst into the scene some six or seven years ago, he did a series of portraits of people in the neighborhood, a group of works he christened Pintados.  Using burlap sacks as his ground, he embellished the visages of such characters as the town gossip, the mayor, and the village slacker with patterns taken from the tattooed natives of Pre-Hispanic Philippines. Continue reading

Six Young Artists On The Radar at SLab

When Gary-Ross Pastrana conceptualized On The Radar:  6 New Symptoms, he went back to the original brief for SLab, the gallery where the show now runs.  SLab or Silverlens Lab had been intended as a space that welcomes visual arts

Maria Jeona, "Identity crazy, your own worst enemy, hair and makeup by Maria Jeona"

experiments, a complement to silverlens, Manila’s first gallery devoted to photography projects.  What better way to revisit this thrust than to put together an exhibit of six artists who have just started making names for themselves?  As the exhibit’s curator, Gary gave them a bit of a nudge and a push, required nothing drastic, but squeezed out more from what they are currently doing. Continue reading

Of Skulls and Butterflies: ARTHK 10

Damien Hirst, "Transcience Painting"


Skulls and butterflies may as well have been the  mantra of ARTHK 10, this year’s edition of the Hong Kong Art Fair. You saw them everywhere, most notably those of the Damien Hirst variety. Continue reading