The Charlie Cojuangco Collection: Augmented Minds

Louie Cordero, "Man's Head/ Zombie/ Radiation", ballpoint ink on paper, 2008

I really enjoy it when Charlie Cojuangco brings out pieces from his personal collection.  Because he has chosen to focus on current work, I find that his collection serves as a reliable index of the past decade and a half. No, you won’t find the Moderns among his acquisitions.  What you get is a great gauge of the art of his time, especially of artists from his native Negros. Continue reading

Today and Tomorrow: A Selection From The Charlie Cojuangco Collection

Antipas Delotavo, "Sandaan Taon, Panels 1 to 5"

What a great way for the art scene to start the year!  Charlie Cojuangco hangs selected pieces from his art collection. As far as I know, this marks the first time his paintings have been shown publicly.   The show also serves as the formal opening of his space, Nova Gallery.  Charlie has been actively collecting art from the mid-1990s.  The works on view reflect his partiality towards figurative paintings, most of them by  noted socio-realists. Continue reading

Anton del Castillo’s Conquistador for Art On The Verge

Anton del Castillo, "Battle Plan I, II, III"

The three of us first came together sometime May, Katrina Tuason Cruz of Rogue Magazine, Dindin Araneta of Art

"Allegorical Partition" and "The Battle Ship"

Cabinet Philippines, and myself.  We met to discuss another project that never did pan out, but in the course of our discussions, we hit upon the idea of putting together a scholarship program that would initially focus on the visual arts.  Art lovers all, we felt that every budding artist deserved the chance of a formal education.  The Philippine art scene somehow manages to remain vibrant and engaged despite the huge obstacle of almost no government support.  Filipino visual artists make do and produce spectacular work in various media.  We felt that the lack of financial means shouldn’t be a hindrance to committed individuals intent on contributing to Philippine art.  We hope to encourage this via Art On The Verge.

Curator Yeyey Cruz and Charlie Cojuangco

We launched Art On The Verge through a fundraising exhibit at the newly-opened NOVA Gallery in Pasong Tamo, Makati.  Businessman Charlie Cojuangco generously allowed the use of his new space for our purposes.  An avid art collector, Charlie set up this gallery to support the endeavors of artists in his native Negros.  I think this gallery, with its intimate proportions and subtle design details, will turn out to be one of the most

Anton del Castillo, "Conquistador"

interesting spaces in Makati.  Artist Sandra Palomar, Charlie’s gallery consultant, envisions the place to be a venue for shows and artistic discussion.

Ateneo's Leo Garcia and Mrs. Maribel Ongpin

Artist Anton del Castillo worked very closely with curator Patrick Flores to put together Conquistador, this exhibit of Anton’s latest work in his signature medium of oil over gold leaf.  He parlays

Toy Soldiers Installation

his continuing interest in war and warfare into this show of wall-bound works and free-standing sculpture.  In the words of Patrick, Anton “… selects three artifices to convey this outlook: the toy soldier, the map, and the maquettes of military hardware.”  Through his artisanship, Anton imbues what would otherwise be rugged machines of destruction with finesse and delicacy.  He embeds a myriad of detail into his pieces, layers that you only see up close.   As is his wont, this show once again blends age-old techinique with very modern concerns.

Jasmin and Jayjay Sy, Mike Gomez, and Felix Barrientos

Anton del Castillo, Inhabitant I and II and Breath of Supremacy

The first receipient of the Art On The Verge annual grant is Brendale Tadeo, a talented young artist from Zambales who has apprenticed with Don Salubayba and Anino Shadowplay.

Anton del Castillo, "The Unleashed"

For more information on Art On The Verge, please contact Art Cabinet Philippines at (63928)550-4816 or Rogue Media Inc. at (632) 729-7747.  Or visit

Conquistador runs from 25 November to 22 December 2009 .  NOVA Gallery is located at Warehouse 11A, La Fuerza Compound, 2241 Chino Roces Avenue (Pasong Tamo), Makati City.

Anton del Castillo and Brendale Tadeo

Toy Soldiers

Exhibit Installation