Dashing Through Manila’s Art Scene (ie Catching What I Can)

Annie Cabigting, Warhol's grave, for "Black and White Under A Shroud of Gray and Gray"

Apologies for the sparse postings, but somehow, a project we undertook a few months ago has morphed into Art Fair Philippines 2013, and now it seems that every free minute of the day has been devoted to that beast!  For more information—yes, shameless plug!—please do check out www.artfairphilippines.com or https://www.facebook.com/artfairph Continue reading

MM Yu, Jonathan Ching, At Maculangan, and Cos Zicarelli at Silverlens

MM Yu, "Beliefs II", detail

Another terrific trio opened at Silverlens last week, three shows that also relaunched the gallery as a single space with three exhibit areas.  SLab and 20Square opened in 2008 as two distinct galleries under the Silverlens group, envisioned for non-photography exhibits.  These two spaces and the original photography gallery will now all carry the Silverlens name, with a soon-to-open Silverlens Singapore in the pipeline for the last quarter of the year. Continue reading

At Maculangan and Katya Guerrero at Apt 1B

Hand carved revolver from Gemelina wood

Over at our house, we love Apartment 1B.  We get cravings for their pizzettas and truffle popcorn and Buffalo wings that make us head to Salcedo Village at a moment’s notice.   That they make an effort to show good art adds to their appeal.  A few months back, over the holidays, they reprised MM Yu’s photos from her show Waste Not Want Not, and I loved that I could enjoy her work again.  This time, paired with glasses of wine consumed in the company of family and friends. Continue reading

Double Bill: Geraldine Javier in KL, Leslie de Chavez in Switzerland

Hearing that Geraldine Javier opens a show in KL this week and Leslie de Chavez exhibits in Switzerland as we speak may not be as groundbreaking as electing the first African-American President of the United States.  But surely, we Pinoy art lovers can also walk a little taller.  After all, those who follow their careers know that when these two perfectionists strut their stuff,  we all have something to crow home about. Continue reading